David downtown – Panama/Costa Rica frontier

partlycloudy.gif+28C, sunny and lots of wind.

During the morning hours we made breakfast and prepared for the gang to go to work. I went downtown with them and Shayla, Jens mom, made me an easy map around David.

I spent a couple of hours walking around in the stores but I must honestly admit that I felt like a prey with 4 hyenas (the vendors trying to talk me into shopping) following my every step. I did not feel comfortable enough to actually find something to buy for myself. I bought 2 dresses for my little sister Linda. I also did some souvenir shopping before meeting up with Shayla to go home for lunch.

Late afternoon we all went to the Panama/Costa Rican border to do tax free shopping. (It felt magic just knowing I was close to my 2nd country again and I felt like a child. Im going to CR. Im going to costa rica. And that from only having been out of the country 2 week. Not looking too fwd to going home to Norway).

The good thing is that they did not have anyone looking out for shoppers.
It is open for everyone.

If you go home to the same destination you came from, they dont care. Jorge Sr. went to see friends as he dropped Shayla, jorge jr and me off at the tax free zone and we spent a long time at Jerusalem store looking at and trying perfumes.

I had some orders from my family in CR and some friends in Norway so It looked big, but they were not all for me. I also bought myself an iPod Nano.

When it got closer to 9pm we went to a restaurant to have dinner. And both me and jorgito had Pinto (traditional dish from costa rica containing rice and black beans).

Jeniffer that poor thing did not come with us and waited home. Poor thing forgot her keys and had to wait outside for us. Not like its cold or anything outside. hehe. Since it was my last night we stayed up talking for some hours.


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