San Jose shopping – Turid y Alfredo Delgado – Nightlife

cloudy.gifSan Jose is pretty cold compared to Liberia. Only +22C and today was pretty lousy weather as well. All cloudy and it even rained a couple of times.

I started my day by calling my mom, dad, my grandma, my sister and a friend back in Norway.
It was good to hear their vocies again. Then I headed downtown to San Jose. Travelling in bus is pretty ok in San Jose. A lot better than in Panama. And they let me off at places I have already been several times. That way I get along by myself. I headed up towards the plaza de la cultura that used to be a vendors spot 13 years ago. Now they have changed it completely. All the street vendors had to move and it is just like a park now. Plaza de la cultura is located next to the National Theater and above the Gold museum.
By saying above the gold museum I litteraly mean above. You enter the gold museum by a door one level down from Plaza de la cultura and then you head down 3 floors. It is one of the most protected museums in the region. It hosts “all” the treasures that Christopher Columbus found when he entered Costa del Oro in 1502 (the gold cost), that was the name he gave Costa Rica. Ok. It has a lot of other treasures as well.. But they are all pre-colombian gold treasures and some Jade treasures.

I continued up towards Universal Library and then to La Casona that is a house that has all the souvenir shops gathered in one place. They have a lot of really nice stuff. Apart from that I got to know some swedish tourists.

As I realized time was flying I went to the post office to send a package home to Norway and to check how much it will cost me to send my nativity cryb. It will probably be cheaper bringing it on the plane cause it is over 210 US$ to send by mail.

After the post office I went to San Pedro to visit and old friend of mine, Turid and her husband Alfredo. They used to host me when I lived in Costa Rica in 1993 and wanted to go to San Jose. Turid is from Norway and has lived here with Alfredo for at least the last 35 years. It felt sooooo strange to speak norwegian again. Especially since she has a small latino accent on hers. It was hard to think in my language and some words came out in spanish.
It was nice to see Turid and Alfredo again and I even got to meet a couple of the grand kids and Carlos Federico, one of their sons. And of course got all the updates on the other kids.

At 5pm I headed down to Mall San Pedro to do some shopping. It was not that much to do there.

I had something to eat and stayed there for a couple of hours before heading home to get a shower.
At 9pm I met Cyril at Buca in San Pedro. We stayed there until it closed at 11pm or 12pm then headed over to Cuartel de la Boca (that I remember from my first stay with the nickname cuartel de la coca) where we stayed until they closed. We continued chatting until 3:30 / 3:45 before heading home in each our taxi. I was home at 4 and I fell asleep immediately. I had a real good time !


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