San Jose to Liberia – Natashas birthdayparty

partlycloudy.gifWeather today was good. Even in San Jose. About +25C and partly cloudy. It does blow strong winds in Liberia though.

I woke up at 7 and realized I should not have neither stayed up that late nor have had that many drinks last night. I started packing because I had to get the noon bus for Liberia at the latest. Then about 10 I had breakfast. It was not as tasty as it could have been. hehe.

I got to the noon bus almost 45 minutes to early and got a good seat. Well, GOOD? Not likely. Not even one of the seats in the buses btwn Liberia and San Jose has enough space for my legs. I sit with my knees well planted in the seat in front of me. There are definatly no advantadges of beeing tall in this country when taking the bus. What I did not know was that it was a direct bus. It is probably the first bus I have taken in this country that got to its destination in time. It only took about 4 hours while sometimes the trips can take up to 6 hours.
I did not get to stay home for more than 1 hour before we headed to Natashas birthday party.

Natasha is my niese that has been away for a month in Denmark visiting her uncle. She got home from Denmark on monday and her birthday was yesterday, but the party was today.

They had made a nice party with Piñata, barbecue, cake and lots of people visiting. There was a dance, great music and lots of great people ! A very nice party.

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