Liberia and party at Las Tinajas

partlycloudy.gifLiberia is sunny and has its regular +29C. ME LIKE.

Wow ! Liberia is amazing. Beeing away for so many weeks made it good coming back. Especially from the much colder San Jose. I did freeze a bit in the morning. It is amazing how well adjusted your body gets to the warm weather when you live a place where it is warm. A fall of 10 Celcius degrees make you freeze. Even though if it would have been warm if you were used to that temperature.

I did not do much today. My laundry and a lot of walking around in Liberia. During the afternoon I chatted a bit with Cyril and decided to go to Las fiestas de Palmares with him and his friends/co-workers.

I headed down to Pulmitan, got my bus tiquet for the 8 o clock bus before I headed off to Las Tinajas to meet my brother.
There I got hi-jacked by friends I had not seen for many years and ended up partying today too. It was real fun because we had Mariachis singing for us as well as good company. Well, Life soon has to calm down and next week its all gonna be better.
I went back home around 9-9:30pm and packed for my trip to San Jose.


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