San Jose – Fiestas en Palmares

partlycloudy.gifSan Jose was pretty dark this morning but got better. Almost +25C and cloudy in the morning. Sunny in the afternoon.

I got up at 6 to finish packing, having breakfast and talking to Johana. She leaves Liberia to go back to Nicaragua to her family for good today. It is sad, but she has to take care of the family before other people.
Her youngest kid was turning into a rebel. She is only 11 and Johana could not risk that. At 7:45am I got a taxi to Pulmitan, got some wather and boarded the bus. I brought a new book. Long after midnight by Iris Johansen. I read most of the morning and listened to music on my iPod but I also managed to sleep a little. I got in at noon, hopped off at Hotel Corobici where I took the bus to Rohrmoser where I was to stay for the night.

I met up with Cyril and we headed out to have something to eat at Plaza Mayor shopping center in Rohrmoser. It is actually the same place I operated my eyes at 4 years ago. It reminded me that I have to get an appointment for a check up. Weee… feb 19 at 1300 hours.
Done doodeli done as Flinders says (The Simpsons).

After lunch I had a shower while Cyril stopped by his work for a while. Then we headed to his work together (Work is within 25 meters away from the house) to meet his friends and co-workers that we are going to Palmares (“Fiestas in Palmares” 10.-22. January 2007 will be no exception and the traditional “Fiestas en Palmares” will take place from 10. till 22. of January in Palmares. People come in masses to Palmares to visit the bars, restaurants, bullfights and the fair) with (Tony, Richard, Ninon, Carrie, Cristian, Alejandro, Chris, Nick, Juan Pablo). They had ordered a bus to and from Palmares. We were about 11 that went. Of several different nationalities. USA, England, Norway and Costa Rica.

Bus left at 3:30pm, but had to go back to pick up 2 that were late. The ride took about 1 hour and when we came there the festival area was already packed. We walked around for some time and got churros, hot dogs and something to eat before we started drinking.

We entered the Imperial tent to dance and have fun. It was 6000 colones to enter, but you got 5 beers included with the entrance.

We stayed there and danced, had fun and drank until it got too packed (around 9pm) and then went out to check out what else was going on. We had something more to eat and around 10pm we decided to go home. On our way to the minibus there was really great fireworks.
By the time we got home several had fallen asleep and we split where the bus left us and went home to go to bed.

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