A new beginning – and the Internet

partlycloudy.gifToday has been sunny and +30C again.

I woke up around 7am and was really good today. I got myself around to the stadium and walked/ran for 2 hours before heading home. I found a new friend today and agreed that we should meet up for walking in the morning again to go running. (I call it running but it is mainly walking fast. I have to start somewhere)

I was home at 9am, had breakfast and went to sleep for an hour and a half, then headed for Internet and here I am; 7 hours later. Updating my web page, chatting and charging my Nano. hehe. And starting to get hungry.. The nano NEVER finishes.. Man, what to do. hehe. Im meeting Barbara again whenever this thing finishes up and some other friends of mine as well.

19.00 my iPod finished and as I were heading off to pay it seems like the whole registration system had fallen down so that they had only registered 15 minutes use. Thats good for almost 8 hours online. hehe.. I did insist to pay for 8 hours though and they said they would accept it but they had to ask the owner if he accepted it since it was unregistered time. They will give me information later if I can surf for free for a while. hehe..

When going out Barbara showed up and we went to Las Tinajas to have something to eat. We also ran into Lucas that wanted to help us out in finding tourist tours. He did not understand what low-budget meant though, so we had to leave his ideas. Instead we went to Barbaras hotel and bought tickets to go to Rincon de La vieja tomorrow. Then I headed home to sleep.


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