Liberia to Monteverde (Santa Elena)

partlycloudy.gifIn Liberia there is never bad weather at this time of the year and it is hot (+29C). As we moved towards Monteverde and got there temperatures are chilly and it is cloudy and misty rain.

I was so tired when I woke up. I felt beathen as well. Shaken AND stirred. That long walk is working hehe…
I had breakfast with mami before heading off at 7:30 to meet Barbara at hotel Liberia that is a very cheap and GOOD hostel (US 6$ a night for a dorm room). I had to go in a cab because I was running very late. I picked her up and said good bye to The Quebeqois Sebastien that was headed to Tamarindo later on that day. B and myself headed to Pulmitan de Liberia to get a bus to Cañas where we had to change bus for Tilaran. Increadibly enough we got seated tickets and did not have to stand all the way. Canas is an hour from Liberia and with luggage and a full day travelling ahead…. Nicer to sit.

In Cañas we got let off by the main entrance and walked our way to the central bus station to find a bus to Tilaran. We found one that was leaving at the moment we got there and did not have to wait for even a minute. Bus ride to Tilaran was kinda funny. The bus is a old yellow american school bus and the ride is bumpy. At least we got to have 2 seats each. hehe.

In Tilaran we met Daniel from Alaska that was coming from Monteverde heading to Fortuna (de San Carlos) and we hang out with him for a couple of hours until our buses left at 12:30. We went to have some lunch and then went back to the bus terminal to hang out until buses left. Daniel might be going to Corcovado and If he is I might even join in. Monteverde and Corcovado has always been dreams of mine. Monteverde is beeing accomplished TODAY !!!! WEEEEE.

We exchanged e-mail adresses before splitting and then headed off to Monteverde in another old schoolbus from the US. hehe. Those are pretty common here though.
The Tilaran-Monteverde trip is a 3-4 hours ride on bumpy, curvy roads and time depends on how many amigos the busdriver stops to chat with as he moves on !!!

We arrived Monteverde around 4 in the afternoon, hopped of at the national bank and went 50 meters down the road to Pension Santa Elena and “logged in” for the night. Daniel recommended this pension to us and it is quite a nice pension. Barbara and I stayed in the the reception area having a soft drink while Ro explained all that is to do in Monteverde / Santa Elene area.

We ordered a sky-trek / canopy / serpentarium / Monteverde national park entrance round trip for today, tomorrow and Friday. After having relaxed a bit, we headed towards the serpentarium to watch all the snakes of the tropical forest. Costa Rica has 137 different species, but only 20 of these are venomous. It is nice to actually know what they look like to stay FAR away from them. hehe. We even got to watch a Boa Constrictor and hold the thing. It was warm and dry. And strong. It tried constricting my hand and it tickled me with its thounge. EEEEK.

After the Serpentarium we did some groceries and went home to Santa Elena to make food. Noodels with tuna in vegetables. We were so tired and I headed for bed after updating my blog page for an hour.


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