Amazing Sky trek & Sky walk at Santa Elena cloudforest

partlycloudy.gifToday we had nice weather. Very windy conditions and it was partly clouded. Temperatures can not have been higher than +18C.

The Sky Trek
Barbara and I with about 5 others were picked up at 7:30am and taken up close to Santa Helena cloudforest reserve to the Sky Trek main offices. I still felt so tired from getting up early in the morning every day and walking more than 5 hours a day for a week. Arriving at the Sky Trek offices we handed in our bags and got the safety equipment we needed. Helmet, gloves and harnesses that supports up to 5000 kgs. That should be enough.

Our 2 guides took us up a very thin stair tower and we passed a hanging bridge that felt like it was moving bad due to the wind. The stairs were horrible and this was the moment I remembered that I actually am a little afraid of heights. Especially when hanging from a cable. Hehe. We had to walk up a pretty steep hill before reaching the first bridge and when we got there Michael the guide explained how to use the equipment and safety precaussions.
We were a group of 2 israeli guys, one spanish dude and a german dude, Barbara and I and not to forget our two guides.


The first and second cable were very short. Just to get used to using them, the equiment and the breaking system. It was kinda scary but off we went.
After the 3rd cable it was much more fun until the 6th cable. The wind was blowing tremendously and we had to get up on a huge tower again. The cable was 450 meters long and looked sooo far away. I had to go last and I felt scared. I even considered quiting and walking back to head quarter but decided to follow the flow when I asked Michael (the guide) if many people were afraid and wanted to quit. Yes he said many quit. We even have a chicken trail for those who does not want to continue.
Chicken trail. Fantastic. I am no chicken!. And by that moment I decided I was going to fulfill this no matter how scared I might be. Michael connected me and off I went.
From that point on I started liking it and by the 9th cable I was enjoying big time. Wind was breaking really hard and at the 770meters cable we had to start going in couples to have enough weight for the wind.

I went first with Michael, then the israelis, then the spanish/german and Barbara went last with the other guide. The 770 got me hooked and remembering how freaking scared I was at the beginning…. I just wanted to go straight back and do it all over and over again. Though standing on the bridge we got in at was more scary than doing the skytrek cables. hehe. We also had to do the last cable in couples due to the wind, and the fantastic tour was over.
At base camp we handed in the safety issues and went to have something to drink. I bought with me home a picture they took of me doing the sky trek. COOOL. hehe.

The Sky Walk
After lunch Barbara and I headed for the Sky Walk.
We had to go up the same horrible stairs as earlier this morning to get to the bridges. Up there we went the other direction from the Sky Trek trail and entered the Sky Walk trails. This was another amazing experience. The forest was not dripping from the rain and mist like in Santa Elena, but there was still the amazing primary and secondary forest with a wonderful birdlife sighting.


The most amazing part was walking amongst the tree tops instead of on ground level. Watching the plants growing on the trees, the birds and the variation between the different forest types was great. We did not get to see any monkeys but then again… at that time of the day with that many tourist groups out walking … no way that we could even hope to spot the animals. It was still great and before going back to the base office we stopped at the hummingbird garden.


Those small creatures are so cute. And they whirl around your ears with such a precision and noise that you can only laugh of amazement.

The bus took us back to Santa Elena at 12:30pm and at this hour I was so tired I hardly managed to keep my eyes up. I slept a couple of hours before finally feeling better.
Barbara and I went out to peek around in the city we are in and I bought some souvenirs to take home. After that I tried keeping up my blog, but half done the town of Santa Elena and Monteverde had an internet breakdown and noone could enter for the rest of the night. I sat down and chatted with people in the reception area and got to know new people instead.

Party at night.
As sitting there talking with a Canadian dude suddenly we got invited to this party in apartment 3C. They had a drinking competition and the bet was going to bring in more and more people. We celebrated Aussie day and Tim, Christian and Bryan (from Tenessee, USA) were hosting and buying drinks. We went out to have something to eat at KaKos Pizzeria around 9pm and as the biggest group went to a bar to continue drinking Some of us stayed back at the hostel and went early to bed. Tired as H***


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