Fortuna de San Carlos to Liberia

partlycloudy.gifDay started off clouded in Fortuna with about +25C and when arriving Liberia it was around +29C sunny and windy.

I woke up around 9am and showered, got out to read in the hammoc and waited for the others to wake up. Barbara came along around 9:30am and the guys closer to 10am. We packed our car and checked out before going to La choza de Laurel to have breakfast. It is one of the places adviced in Lonely planets books about Costa Rica. They had wonderful food, good quality of service and nice prices. It was also just about 200 meters to walk from our hostel.

The guys decided to go to San Jose today since flying out tomorrow and Barbara wanted to stay one more day in Fortuna so I ordered a direct shuttle to Liberia. That was great. No more 8 hours travels to get somewhere. I am somewhat tired today as well. But the sad thing is that the bus would leave only 30 minutes after I bought the tiquet and that would not give me enough time to go with the guys to do the Lava trail. That would have been such an experience.
Guys took off and Barbara and I kinda hung out in the hammocks while waiting for the bus. It showed up at 1pm exactly and I said bye to Barbara and took off. It is going to be kinda strange to not continue travelling with her but I do need to get home and wash some clothes now. And I already spent a great week travelling. Nice one. Thanks Barbara for nice company.

Bus ride home was long, almost 3,5 hours but at least it was direct and a good bus. Aircondition, enough space and comfy seats. Link to buscompany.

When I arrived Liberia I called Mami and Papi, but found out they were out of connection on cell phones and no one in the house as well. I did not have the keys and went to Las Tinajas restaurant to wait for them to show up. As I found out we were in the middle of church time and as I saw people leaving the church (right up the park from Tinajas) I called mami and they were on their way to Las Tinajas as well. Fantastic !

Therefore I got to hang out with Mami and Papi and Rosy (a friend of mami) and her housband. We had dinner and drinks and it felt so good to be with the family. When we came home Mami and I watched Extreme makeover. It is incredible how so many people wants to do plastic surgery and how some of them turn out sooo good afterwords.
I went to bed about 10pm. I was out as a light.


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