Another beautiful day in Paradise.

partlycloudy.gifIt has been another beautiful day in Paradise. If anyone wants to donate enough money to me so that I dont have to go back to Norway. You are more than welcome !!!
+31C and warm, windy, almost no clouds.

I did not wake up until 8am this morning. That ruined all my plans on doing excercise from 6 to 8am. hehe. I guess I needed the sleep. I also had to do my laundry. I think I spent 4 hours washing clothes. Then I helped mami packing Roxanas stuff from my room in boxes. Moving date seams so close now. I dont wanna change house. I like the old house. Not that that helps any more. The house is sold and we only have a few days left to live in the house in The Moracia part of Liberia. We are not gonna move very far though. Only about 500-700 meters, but closer to town. It is going to be by the Liberia football stadium. :) It probably will be great living there. I just wish I would have been able to buy the old house.

After all the washing and packing I was pretty much deadmeat and slept in a few more hours before leaving at 3pm to go downtown. I had an appointment at 4pm to get my nails done and a full manicure and full pedicure. Wonderful !!! I also decided to get my haircut. I am happy now.. It has been a good 4 hours of self treatment. NICE. I went to Ana from Venezuela to do my nails and Allan did my hair. He is good. AND fast. And the full treatment of hair, feet and hands + painting nails only ended up at 10000 colones. About US 20$.

Passing Las Tinajas I heard someone calling my name and there was my friend Gustavo with 2 friends from San Jose; Alejandro and Adrian. I sat down with them and had a few drinks and dinner. Nice but when Las Tinajas closed up for the night I went home instead of continuing to drink.

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