sunny.gif+29C, sunny with no clouds (ok. there are clouds but we only see them in the horizon covering up the volcanos in the east) and some wind.

I got up at 6am and spent 1,5 hours doing excercise before having breakfast and babysit the house while mami and papi was in the new house to wash it down and prepare for us to be able to move in there.

I went downtown at noon when they got back and entered the Cibermania internet cafe. Not many chatters online today but at least charged the iPod. hehe..

As I got home we had dinner and then Natasha showed up. The whole family watched a movie and Papi went to sleep at 9pm. A new movie started. It was a horror movie about a virus in the forest where 5 young friends entered and stayed in a cottage. The movie was way to exagerated to like it a lot but Mami, Nati and I stayed up till it finished. hehe. Then Nati and I went to sleep in the only room with 2 beds.. My old room from 1993. It is also the old room that the housekeeper Johana used.


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