In my own personal Paradise

sunny.gifWeeee. +32C today almost no clouds and not much wind..

I love paradise.. Why was I not born here again?

This morning I woke up about 6:30 and had breakfast.
Papi and Mami were off to do some arrands and I moved room. Lorena and Mario with the 2 kids were coming to Liberia today and I had to move room since my old room is the only one with a room for 4 persons apart from mami and papis room. I moved ALL my stuff into the new room and it feels so strange to leave it all…

I am so in love with this house and the life I have had here that I am not that much looking foreward to my family changing house. I finished up around 10:30am and went to the swimming pool around 11:30am. I went to El Sitio and stayed for about 4 hours.. On my way there I got speakers for my Ipod and MAN I am proud of my new “radio”. Tres cool. hehe..

I had lunch at El sitio and on my way back I stopped at Roca Bruja surf shop, got an iPod protection thingy, a beanie, a new wallet and a jewlery box. NICE as well. hehe..

This day has turned out GREAT. I was home to have dinner with the family and it was nice to speak to Lorena again.

At Night I went to Las Tinajas with Angelica to have a few drinks. We had a lot of fun and we were home by 10pm.


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