Sunny day at the swimming pool

sunny.gifToday they say summer has finally come. What we have had until now is called spring. wooosh. Today we had +33C and sun was BURNING. I mean it was not fun to be outdoors today.. Well.. at the swimming pool maybe. hehe.

I woke up this morning and had breakfast with Mami, Lorena and Federico around 7am. After doing all my laundry I got a call from my friend John witch I really appreciated. It was a good call and even though I do not want to go home to Norway it made me miss my friends a good deal. Its only ONE more month left. Time flies by and home date is getting CLOSE.

I went to do some arrands again in the morning and bought myself some clothes. Sun was burning bad and It was not fun to be outside. Therefore I decided to bring Natasha to the swimmingpool with me and we went after lunch. Mami did not wanna let us go without having something to eat. Then they wanted us to wait for an hour by swimming after the food. In this heat… We made it for 25 minutes.. It was great… Nice temperatures in the water.
We played shark, horse and Bull. Strangely enough I had to be the shark, the horse and the Bull and Natasha was riding my back and trying to escape the shark. It was a really great time. I am also working a lot on my tan these days. hehe.
We had a second lunch in good hobbit style (Get this one dudes: I am actually reading Tolkiens The Hobbit in spanish for the moment) and then hit the pool again but this time we only managed ot wait for 10 minutes before hitting the pool.

We were in the water for most of the time and left around 5:30pm to go home. We walked up towards Liberia Park and stopped in several stores on our way. Didnt buy much but at least we had fun. When we got to the park we got a cab home.

At night I spoke to my cousin Paola and I finally have someone to go to the Ricky Martin concert with febuary 19. WEEEEEE. Fantastic. I am thrilled about that. Ill go with Paola and my other cousin Jessica. They are both great !
I also had a long chat with Carlitos. Paolas brother and my little guide around Liberia 14 years ago when he was 11. hehe. It was really good speaking to both of them.

At 9:30pm I went to Hotel Guanacaste with Federico, my brother, and met up up with Coco, an old friend of mine. The Hotel Guanacaste bar has a Karaoke set. Really cool haha. Especially when listening to a load of drunken dudes trying to sing.

They sounded more like cats and dogs howling towards the moon. Not good. But suuuuuper fun. Federico took off and went to bed early since he was going to work tomorrow. I stayed out until more or less 1am and had a fun time.


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