Bored in Paradise? Only when you cant be out enjoying it

sunny.gifYou know it is hot when you are lying on you bed not moving and sweating your hair wet and you dont have a fever. +33C today as well and no wind, no clouds.

Woke up around 8pm today and did not feel too good at all. Payback for staying out late last night I would reacon.
I babysat the house again today. GOD I WISH WE WILL HAVE A NEW MAID SOOOOOOON !
If they could only ask me to do stuff where I could lift and move and be in action. NOT that fun to sit alone in the house. Not at all. The morning was pretty ok. I packed a lot of stuff in boxes and prepared for moving them over to the new house but then in the afternoon so much of the day had passed without action that I kinda was in the non-initiative mood and before I got to get ready to go they had all left again and I was alone in the house again. OUF. Well. What else to do than to sleep. I slept good but it was so hot that even though I got to bed newly showered I woke up grossly sweaty. New shower at 4:30pm when I woke up again. Papi just got in from the Finca and I left the house pretty fast to not have to spend more time there today. I love being there when the other people are there and we are having fun together. But just sitting there and watching out for robbers? Boring.

I ended up at Cibermanias internet cafe again and stayed here chatting with some friends.
After that I went to meet Manuel (his birthday was yesterday so I wanted to take him out and have a nice time) and we went to Las Tinajas to have something to eat and around 10pm my friend Bryan came to town and we went to see him for 5 minutes while he waited for his ride home from the bus.

I got home and sat down with my family to watch a movie. Mami was half asleep but I had a nice chat with Lorena while half watching Pearl Harbor (with Ben Affleck). As the movie was still not over by midnight and all the others had gone to bed I turned off the TV and headed that way myself. It is not like I havent already seen the movie anyways.


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