Alfredos bachelor party

sunny.gifGreat weather today. Sunny and +33C. Anyone annoyed by my weather forecasts? Sorry folks. Its not me. The weather is just like that here. For this season.

I woke up around 7am today by Papi and Jaime working in the garden. Jaime is the boy that helps Papi doing guy stuff concerning the house moving. Only God would know how big of a sin it is to put a girl to work hard outside the kitchen… (Read irony here) hehe.
Papi is not the least concerned about when people sleep and not to wake them up. But that is not the only reason. Morning is the best time to get work done. Midday is way to hot and in the evening it gets dark around 6:30pm. That is way to early to get work done in the afternoon. hehe..

But anyways. 7 am is a good time to get up. That way I have breakfast with the gang and some time to get my laundry done before heading to the streets. If doing the laundry in the morning all clothes are dry by midday at this time of the year. Warm sun and wind helps a lot.
I also spent a good time with Lorena and chatting to her before I went to Bryans house at 10am where I woke him up to take him to the swimming pool. He was up and ready to go in short time before Paola called him and needed some help for the bachelor party we are throwing for Alfredo tonight. Bryan and I headed down to Supercompro where I met “El mudo” with his son. What a great looking kid. Very cute. Bryan and I split. I headed towards El Sitio and Bryan went to help Paola. I did stop a couple of times during my path and Bryan actually managed to get to El Sitio before me. Embarrassing. hehe

Prices has rised to use the swimming pool at El Sitio again. And by again I mean they just rised the prices before christmas and then now they doubled them again. From the original 1000 colones the prices are now up to 4000 colones (almost US 9$) That is drastic. And only because they have added a jacuzzi with hot water. It looks more like a bath tub at a motel and is nothing fancy at all but the hot water feels good though.

We stayed at El Sitio until around 4pm and got a great deal of color by the end of the day.
Before heading home we had to stop at Jumbo to get beers for the party and then we realized we were running late and headed straight home. It was about time to get ready and choose party clothes and get the hair done and all that stuff. Therefore B accompanied me to my house before going back to his house and preparing for the party there.

Aldo Mainieri picked us up around 9, The party started at 8 so that was a good time to come. We actually hit a prosession of cars. Around 4 cars arriving at the same time. The party was held at Eddy Alvaros moms house.
The fun part about this party is that ALL the guests are from my class when I studied here and It was also like a class reunioun party. Truly fun. The party attendants were Alfredo and Yancy (the bride to be), Aldo, Gabriela, Paola, Marcela (with bf), Cinthya, Erick Johan Castillo, Luis E?, Eddy, Bryan and me. We had a great time.
The party was great and it was a lot of fun to see them all again. Some of them had not changed at all and others had changed so much I would have never ever recognized them even if they would have payed me to do it. Hehe.

We barbecued, danced, had drinks and the gift openings around 1am. As people started to split I got a ride with Marcela and the bf that luckily lives close to me in the same barrio.
I was home at 2am.


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