No more lazy day for busybody

sunny.gifWeather reports: Ongoing nice, warm weather. +33C and mild winds. No need to change that at all.

Got up around 6am and had breakfast before washing clothes and helping mami in the kitchen.
I am also spending a lot of time getting ready for housechanging and my trips. I now have great plans for the future. hehe. Ok .. the very nearby future.

Tomorrow I will Leave for Canas, then Nicaragua (Managua and Granada), then back to Liberia for the weekend. I hope my brother will take me to the beach and on sunday I will meet Ana (a friend from Venezuela that is making some clothes for me) to test if my clothes will fit.

Monday I will head to San Jose and then Tortuguero on the 13th. That is on the caribbean side.
Ill get back to San Jose on the 15th at night and then stay there until after the 19th that is the day I have my eye consultation and the Ricky Martin concert. Ill head back to Liberia and hopefully the next weekend (around the 23) Ill go to Manuel Antonio national park.

Then we have the Village parties in Liberia that lasts for a week. This life is great.

Well. This day I have been running around and searching for boxes, tape, some souvenir stuff, cut my hair, and ordered the ticket to go to Tortuguero.. And all that before lunch. Then I have applied for a couple of work posistions as I am soon going home to Norway.

At night I tried saving my pictures to CDs so that I could clean up some of my memory cards but as I was doing that I managed to erase about 150 pictures from Monteverde and Fortuna, San Carlos. That was devastating. My friend Cyril tried helping me out to recover the files over the phone but since they were deleted from the SD card and not the computer hard disk they were not accessible. I got to bed pretty depressed that night.


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