Last night at the old house…

sunny.gifLiberia has some wonderful +32C degrees today. Pretty wild winds though. The fresh feeling. haha. When it blows like that we need to sweep the floors about 10 times a day (OK, Maybe 2). The air is filled with dust from the dry earth roads.

Still pretty devastated about my pictures that I deleted yesterday I did not get up until 8am. Stayed in bed listening to moody music on my iPod. Mami had made me breakfast and I packed the rest of my stuff in my suitcases, boxes and stuff ready for moving. I went out to run some arrands and write e-mails to Simon, Kate, Barbara and Marcelle from Monteverde/Fortuna to ask if any of them could send me copies of their pictures. Then I changed my ticket for my flight home. My new date is now the day after the civic parties in Liberia ends. It is only changed for about a week from feb 27 to march 06 (Ill be in Norway on March 07 at 9:30 in the morning). I got home for lunch and my mood was a little better even not that much but I got good food and when mami left to run arrands, Natasha and I stayed in watching TV waiting for Celia to call so that I could go to Canas with her.

Celia and Julio picked me up around 4pm and we went to get our tickets to Managua, Nicaragua for tomorrow at 8:45am. We will be in Managua by mid-day according to the plan. Then we went to Canas where Xinnia, Laureano and David waited. We had a nice chat and then around 7pm we had dinner. After dinner Laureano and Julio took me out for a walk in Canas downtown. It is not a big city so we were done in about 20 minutes and then went for the local football (soccer) stadium where we watched a game between Portugal (no idea who they were) and Argentina (Canas veteran football team). I think Argentina won. hehe.

As we got home German stopped by to say hello and after that it was time to hop to bed.


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