Canas to Managua, Nicaragua

partlycloudy.gifMoving around all day means different weather but not at all that different from Liberia. It is around +33C in Managua today and partly cloudy. No hard winds though.

Due to trailers crossing by the Interamerican highway I slept light and woke up around 6am. I slept pretty good though through the noise. I am impressed by that. I had breakfast with Xinnia and Celia and David and we made the sandwitches for our trip, packed the drinks and checked out the internet for hostels and pensions in Managua but we did not find too much information about the prices so we decided to check it out closer as we got to Managua instead.

At 8:45 we headed for the bus stop and was picked up at 9am by TICABUS. For US 12,5$ they take you all the way from San Jose to Managua (but it is the same price no matter where you are going within that strech as well). The TICABUS buses are sooooo much better than the Pulmitan buses. Man… WOW. There are huge nice seats, enough space for your legs (or more correctly said: MY legs) and they have TV with DVDs running. NICE. ME LIKE.
The first movie we got to see was “The Island” and then “Attack Force” (with Steven Seagal).

We reached the border in just 1,5 hours and headed for the exit file where we had some luck in getting in first. What was not so cool was that a bus from TransNica got in straight after us and since some of the people on our bus werent as quick as Celia and I to get into the exit lane…. We had to wait for almost an hour to get everyone into the bus. The good thing here was that there was not luggage check.

When everyone was on the bus, except for one man that had tried to change money with one of the local dudes (against the bus drivers advice) and got robbed for almost US 200$ and wanted to stay there to report the incident to the police and catch the next bus, we took off to the next stop. Crossing the Nicaraguan border we had to line up for a luggage check. There we got our luggage out and ran to get first in line to stand in file.
In comparison to the Panamenian border where every single persons luggage got checked we got to press a button connected to a light that seemed much like a traffic light. If the light turned out green you were free to go. If the light turned out red you had to get you luggage checked. Both Celia and I had a lot of luck and got the green light. Then we headed straight for the duty free stores. The light thing was funnier.

The bus drive from the border to Managua took us about 2 hours. We passed Lake Nicaragua and the smaller cities of Granada and Masaya before getting to Managua. We were taken straigt to the TICABUS terminal and when getting out of the terminal area we were soon surrounded by taxi and accomodation sharks. We went with this blonde girl to a hostel close by “El Hotelito”. Remember this name dudes. IT is not even worth thinking of. If was lousy! There was no safety. The bathroom did not have a door. We turned in the door as we saw the conditions and headed back to the Ticabus terminal. They have a hotel at the terminal and thats where we logged in.
For US 33$ a night we stay in a room that has a private bathroom and 2 huge beds. NICE.

As we had relaxed a bit we found a taxi and went to a bank at Plaza Inter to pay for the documents Celia came here to get. Then we went to la cancilleria to get some other papers done before we went to Plaza Metro to shop. We stayed for a couple of hours before going back to Plaza inter where we continued before having dinner.

Celia got herself a couple of new shoes. I think I must have been tired because I did not buy anything in either place (except from the meal of course). To move around we taxied from and to everything and even though it was cheap it was probably a robbery. We had a Tonita (one of the local beers) before heading “home” and went straigt to bed at the hotel.


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