Back to base camp ! (Liberia)

partlycloudy.gifNice sunny weather with smooth winds too cool down the +32C that we are having. I just LOVE being here.

We got up at 5am today and got ready to get out for breakfast at 6am. The nearby restaurant / cafeteria opened at that hour and we ordered gallo pinto with scrambled eggs and cheese.
We were done by 6:15 and went back to the hotel where Don Pedro waited for us. We checked out and he took us to the TransNica bus terminal. There he waited with us until the bus let us go in. The first thing I have to comment is: Im going with TicaBus next time ! The seats were less comfy and no Movies rolling on the screens. Actually there were no TV screens at all.

Apart from that the drive went pretty great. We got to the border in 1,5 hours and the bus drivers had collected our passports and got them all signed and checked and back to us within 20minutes.

No luggage check at the Nicaraguan side and Celia and I just HAD to visit the tax free. Celia got a bunch of stuff, but I was pretty moderate myself.
Then we headed over to the Costa Rican side of the border and there we had to check our passports ourself (stand in line and wait at the counter). After the passport control we had to get our luggage and bus checked.

Following the tradition we took out ALL the luggage and waited for the customs to check the bus. As they checked the bus we all lined up and had to open our luggage so that they could go through it. I had luck ! Being the only white person they were not that interested in what I brought from Nicaragua to Costa Rica. They were a lot more interested in what the Nicas could bring into the country. Celia opened up all hers to let me off the hook faster. And GOOD was that !! hehe. Especially since I dont know if the stuffed turtle – playing guitar – is something they would appreciate me taking out of the country or not…

We didnt stay more than 1,5 hours at the border and that beat the hell out of TicaBus that lasted 2,5 hours (because some people didnt hurry in line and had to wait for 3 other buses to go through customs as well). But as we got out of the border area we realized aircondition was dead … OH NO. What to do next … We were melting. It felt like a sauna. Haha.

After about 20 minutes the bus stopped again and we had to wait for another 20 minutes while the bus driver and another dude fixed something with the motor or changed a wheel. I am not sure. I was listening to music and trying to enter dreamland.
On our way to Liberia we got stopped 2 times to check passports and legal documentation (In hope to catch all Nicaraguans trying to enter illegaly – poor guys). I arrived Liberia at 11:30 and said good bye to Celia before hopping off. I got home in time for lunch and moved my stuff into my old room. We are still not in the new house. I am trying to get ready for my next adventures on monday and packed everthing out of the suitcases. It all looks like a mess right now. Hehe.
After lunch I slept a bit and then in the afternoon went to the new house with Mami. She showed me around and even the house is really nice the old house will be missed.

Diego called me and we had a nice, long chat before me heading to town to try to get a bus ticket for San Jose at noon Monday. Ticabus office was closed so I had to get a ticket with the Pulmitan buses. Oh well. I will survive.
I then called Ana to plan a schedule for tomorrow, Angelica to plan a schedule for tonight and then went to Cibermania to check out a bit about tours that I can do in San Jose.
I already got the 3 days in Tortuguero ordered but for the week of the 19th to the 23rd I need to fill my time with productiveness and not just hang around.

I got home from my online arrands around 7:45pm and got ready to go out with Angelica and one of her friends. We went to Bar la Julia in Bo San Roque and had some beer and bocas, then we went to LIB where we met several other friends of Angelica. We had a good time and had a lot of fun. We went home around midnight.

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