Lunch at Playas del Coco.

partlycloudy.gifBeautiful sunny weather. +32 C and nice smooth wind. A day to enjoy.

I got up at 7am and started sorting out what clothes needed to be washed before my big trip to the caribbean side of Costa Rica. I am supposed to be away for about 2 weeks now so that makes a difference concerning how much clothes I need to bring.

I went to Anas house around 10 am to try on the clothes that she is making for me. One pirate shorts is already done and the others will follow soon. I stayed at Anas for about 3 hours watching her work on my stuff and trying on the clothes every now and then as she was finishing up a new part. Then I went home around 1pm and waited for mamis friend Consuelo to pick me up at 2pm. We had made lunch planes for the day with Dona Zedy. Both Zedy (Dona Xinnias sister – the ex embassador for CR in Norway) and Consuelo (Zedy and Mamis best friend) has been to Norway and came to see me at my house in Norway.

After picking up another of their friend, Ledia, we headed off towards Playas del Coco. The beach is nothing special but it is still nice to be on a beach on a sunday in Febuary.

We went to a beach restaurant and ordered some beer to start with and patacones with black beans. Patacones is fried cooking banana. Delicious. As we were eating that Dona Zedy came with a friend of hers, Patricia, and we could order our food. The 4 ladies had fish and I had bistec. It was a great meal and definately wonderful to have lunch with the beach view.

Another great thing was that as we were having our food I found out that more people I knew had the same idea about going to the beach. Ericka Espinoza and her boyfriend was sitting on the table next to us and we had a hearty little chat and exchanged phone numbers and e-mail adresses. Ericka is my friend Espens host sister from 1993 when we lived in Liberia.

She showed me pictures of her brother, Alexander, and from his wedding. He just got married. COOOL. I got his phone number as well so that I can meet him when in San Jose. He is living in Alajuela now.

We also had some pictures taken and as the ladies wanted to head home we split and decided to meet up when I was back in Liberia. Before going home I got to check out the souvenir shops that are all over in Playas del Coco. I bought some souvenirs and gifts so that the folks at home will be happy to have me back as well.

Zedy and Patricia went home in their car and Consuelo, Ledia and I went home around 5. They let me off downtown Liberia and I went up to Anas house again to check out what she was done with until now. I got to go home with my new grey shorts and my red shorts. and God knows I need more shorts. The 2 I brought here when I came are worn out !!! I also will get my lilac shirt by tomorrow morning.

I was home at 9:30pm and had a nice chat with Mami before I got to bed ! Exhausted.


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