On my way to San Jose

partlycloudy.gifBeautiful sunny weather. Fantastic Summer. +30 C in Liberia, San Jose somewhat colder +25C but still nice.

I got up early, around 6:30 and spent the morning packing my stuff that now was clean. We have a new made again !!!. I like her. She is not as good as Johanna but she will do. She is nice. She brought me drinks and cleaned my room. Hehehe. I like having a made.

I split around 9am and went to the internet cafe Cibermania where they all know me by now and checked e-mails, charged my iPod, updated my homepage.
Then I went home to finish up my packing and have some lunch. I stayed home until Consuelo picked me up. She is letting me drive with them to San Jose today. And as we set off I remembered that I had to pick up my new shirt on the way. That way I found out that Consuelo lives right next to where Ana works.

Driving in Costa Rica
I could write page up and page down about driving in Costa Rica. Costa Ricans are dangerous drivers. They like to drive drunk, not use seatbelts and they like to pass other cars when they dont have a clear view. Especially in curves or follow the car in front of them if he tries to pass a slow driver. This is mostly because the huge trailers that cant go fast uphill wont let the smaller cars pass them. We drove past 2 minor accidents in 4 hours and witnessed maybe 3 close-to-be accidents. Although our driver was great, you never know who you will meet coming in the opposite direction.

cosevi.gifCosta Rica has VERY high death numbers by car accidents every year and the MOPT (Ministerio de Obras Publicas y de Transportes – Ministry of Public working and Transport) has a campaign going on called COSEVI (COnsejo de SEguridad VIal – Road Safety Consulting). The campaign is mainly to make people aware of the responsability they have for other drivers, for their own lives and for driving more carefully in general.

From the COSEVI pages I found that CR has serious injuries due to traffic accidents every 10 days, 89% of the victims are men, 42% the driver, 23,5% walkers. From the year 2000 to 2005 –  2211 people died instantly in an accident. Check out the statistics here – (in spanish only)

One of the ways they make themselves visible is by the COSEVI campaign. They have TV commercials and they are also very visible on the roads. Every place where someone has died due to a car accident they paint a yellow heart, like the one on the picture at the left, with a seatbelt. When you drive past 15-25 yellow hearts on the road in just 30 minutes it makes you think.

I got to Moravia at 6 pm and was picked up by cousin Francisco and we drove around picking up a aircondition motor (his work) and towing a friend of his car from one place to another since the engine broke down.

At night I went out with Francisco and a friend of his to a bar called Ricuras but it was no good so we went to a Karaoke bar called Caddillac. Although shabby clients, we had a wonderful time. Francisco even sang a couple of songs. Hehe.
Around 10:30pm I went to El Cuartel de la Boca with my Couchsurfer friends; Cyril, Fabian, Erin, Alejandro, Oscar and Sunita. That was even better and Oscar and Sunita gave me a ride home at 2am.


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