Irazu Volcano National Park.

sunny.gifThe weather today was wonderful like the latest days. Warm, around +25C and hardly any clouds on the sky.

Got up at 7 today. I had breakfast with Fran and the made before I took my shower and called Roberto around 9am. We had made plans to meet up and we had to decide on what to do. He wanted to go to some hot springs and so we decided to do. I packed my bag with my bikini, tanning lotion and towel and set off for the internet cafe since he was still gonna wait for another hour and a half before picking me up.
I finished the internet business before going home to meet Roberto and he arrived about 3 minutes after I did. We set off and headed for Cartago where the hot springs are. Though as we saw the beautiful weather and that there was no clouds over Irazu volcano we decided to go there instead. A good choise. We bought Strawberries and Cantaloup melons and set off. At a Petrol station we washed the strawberries and I asked R if it would be smart to fill the car with gas. The brave words of “No, this car has more than enough gas” ! turned out to be the fun of the day.

Because as we had gotten 10 km away from the mountain top the car suddenly stopped. Very fun. NOT at all. It was soo empty that we had to wait for someone to sell us gasoline. Really fun hehe. The even funnier part was that the car did not wanna start with the new gas and we had to roll down all the way to the gas station to get some more gas. The bad thing was that Roberto did not wanna change the filter and he only filled gas for 5000 colones. Ergo… The car worked fine for a while and then stopped. Then we had to wait for 10 minutes to cool down and then drive another few km before stopping again. Fantastic. This went on the whole way up to the top. At least we got a few good stops at los Miradores (the lookout posts).


The even funnier part was that in 1999 when I went there we also ran out of gas and had to get help with the car. It seems to be a curse following me on this volcano !

As we entered the national park we left the car and walked the rest of the way. It was about 2 km uphill.

But I must admit – as we finally got up there and got the great view of the green sulfur lake in the crater. It was so wonderful. The sight from up there is great. And the smell of sulfur is refreshing. Walking in the sunwarn pyroclastic sand – fantastic. We took a lot of pictures that are gonna be great. As we walked down the mist started coming in as the clouds were embrazing the volcano. It was a good time to go home. We drove downhill and as the car was not as good as it should we stopped to fill more gas and guess who worked as it was supposed to !!!!.

Roberto dropped me off at my place and luckily because I was tired.

I went to check on Fran but he was not home so i decided to go for an Internet cafe. I headed towards the location where aunt Daisy has her shop and found her and Paola. Paola took me home to show me how she lives. It was really nice. Then she dropped me off at Daisys house and I got to meet Carlitos again. That was great !

I stayed until 9pm and then Daisy was an angel and dropped me off at my house so I could go sleep.

went to tia Daisys house to use internet..


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