Shopping in San Jose

sunny.gifToday we had a wonderful sunny day. +25C but no clouds at all. I love days like that.

The gold museum
After having breakfast with Francisco I went downtown to explore the city and I took a bus down to Plaza de la Cultura.

There I entered the Gold Museum. It was great to visit that again. I went there in 1993. There has been a lot of changes. And the museum has wonderful treasures to be shown.


“The land is full of gold. They wear it to adorn their heads, feet and arms. Their chairs, chests and tables are all decoreated with beaten gold. They even place it in the graves of their dead rules”.

These and similar reports from Columbus and his men, awoke the Spanish greed for gold and the desire to conquer the “Rich Cost” that was Costa Ricas first name given by the conquestadors in 1493.

The details of the gold figures are wonderful, everything from head adornaments to tiny frogs, bats and other animals. The indians used these figures to connect to the spiritual world and for protection. They believed that the spirits would help them when they had beautiful figures shaped like them.

After the gold museum I did some downtown walking and ended up checking out la Casona. I found out they still had the wonderful painting I have been thinking of for a month and as I did not like the price they wanted for it I managed to lower it to 50% of the original price. IT is still expensive, but I think it might be worth it. I told her Ill think of it and then come back.
I did not get much stuff at all today but at least I had a wonderful day.

I stopped at an internet cafe around 4pm and I pretty much stayed there till 9npm updating my blog and responding e-mails I had recieved and chatted a bit.

I had forgotten to eat lunch and dinner and as I started to become forgetful Lucy (50 first dates) i decided to go home. I was really tired and Fran was asleep as I got home. He got up and we went for a bite at a bar close by. We had a couple of “Bocas” each before we went home. I was dead tired and went straight to bed.


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