How wonderful it is to do nothing and then rest a bit.

partlycloudy.gifThe morning started out great with wonderful sun and +24C but as the clock approached 4pm it got really cloudy and we had some rain at night.

Ojo de agua
During breakfast one of Franciscos friends called and wanted us to go with them to the swimmingpools in the Alajuela area – Ojo de agua. We decided to do so and called Hazel, Franciscos girlfriend to see if she wanted to come. She brought her kid, Sebastian, a really nice kid around 6-7 years old. We loaded the 3 seat car with stuff and 4 people and the kid had to hide whenever some traffic police would be around. We got to Ojo de agua around 11am and MAN it was crowded. People everywhere. Though at least we got to tan a bit and enjoy the swimming pools, even though I must admit it might be a bit cold. Even for me being a norse and all. We went home around 3pm and Fran let me off downtown to pick up desserts and check if the painting I want was still there. No probl. about the painting. The store was closed. I picked up som 3 leches for all and then headed home.

Carne asada
Carne Asada means barbecue and we had a barbecue party in my house when I got home. It was with Hazel, the kid and Frans 2 friends from the pool.
The meet was great and I think we all enjoyed it. The 4 dogs (Coky, Tiffany, Princesa and Florida) were sitting like lit candles around us hoping that we would feed them and Coky even puked because he overate.
Then I decided to go for a search to find an open internet cafe but I only found one that closed 15 minutes after I came there. The dude was nice though and gave me 30 minutes. Not that that helps to do 5 days of blog entries.. I must admit. I am not updating my blog every day although I go back and update every day.

As I got home we watched a movie – Kindergarden cop with Arnold Schwartzenegger before going to bed. Man I am tired these days.


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