Paying Dr. Perdomo a visit for a checkup

partlycloudy.gifWhen I woke up it was around +24C and some clouds. During the day we had some moments of beautiful sunny weather and at night it was raining a bit.

Shopping downtown
The day started out at 8am and I had breakfast by myself (and Franciscos dogs that sat next to me as I had food like lightended candles waiting for a bit to fall down on the floor). I went downtown to do some shopping and to get some souvenirs. I bought an acrylic painting of a rainforest with a river. It is soooo nice. I have thought of if for more than a month now. I am just so glad they had not already sold it. I also got a couple of hooded sweaters before I went home to leave the painting at the house, pack for the night and set off for the Eyedoctors.

Appointment at the Eye doctors
Then I took a cab from San Francisco to Rohrmoser. Of course I had to remember the wrong adress in Rohrmoser and went to Plaza Rohrmoser instead of Plaza Mayor where Dr Perdomo has his office. Anyways the two malls are withing walking distance of each other so I just walked the last 500 meters.

I was there very early so that I could have some time to check my emails and update my webpage at a local internet cafe. As some of you remember and already know about I had my eyes operated with LASIK surgery  for my Myopia 4 years ago here in San Jose. Myopia is the official name for being nearsighted.

Today I am scheduled to do a check-up after all these years so that the doctor can see how I have progressed. My appointment was scheduled for 2:30pm and as the good Norwegian I am, I was early. For nothing.

When I got there I was told:
“You will get in right after the lady over there”.
“And how long will it take?” I asked.
“Well, around 30 minutes because it is her initial check”.

Ok. Then I have the time to go get some lunch I thought. Oh well. I went to have some lunch, I did some shopping and got back within my 30 minutes to realize that she still had not been let in. OH MY G.. What to do. Well. I sat down and watched TV. Gilmore Girls and the OC’s was on.
And … I had time to watch both shows before I was called in to my check.

It was the same lady that checked my eyes 4 years ago and she was thrilled to see me again poiting out that I had been lost for so many years. HA! I was never lost. I know where I’ve been. I certainly wasn’t lost ! hehe.

What was wonderful is that my sight has not changed in these 4 years. Fantastic sight still. She also dripped my eyes with a liquid that would open my pupils completely to do the remaining checks done by the DR. Perdomo himself.

I had to wait for about 30 minutes. I was getting stressed out cause I had agreed to meet my friends to get good seats for the RICKY concert at 4pm and it was now 4:30pm. But well. What can you do. TICOTIME.

I finally got in to the doctor and although 2,5 hours later than the appointment was scheduled to.

For what the tests showed him and what he could see from his tests my eyes are still in a perfect 20/20 sight with no changes and the results are very good after the operation. Fantastic !!!!


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