RICO Martin – ohhh we love you !!

The Ricky Martin concert
From Rohrmoser I went straigt toTibas where the Estadio Ricardo Saprissa is located and during the trip I had a couple of phone calls with Paola, Jessica and Sunita.

There were people everywhere!!!

Ricky Martin is one of the most popular Latino singer in the world and he is highly popular here in Costa Rica as well! I have loved Mr Rico and his music since I lived in Costa Rica in 1993.

Beautiful ballads as well as fancy latino rythms that makes you want to move your hips and your legs and your upper body and joy that fills you.

One of the first songs I fell in love with was Fuego contra Fuego:

A beautiful ballad that still takes my breath away and makes me dream of falling hopelessly in love.

I talked to Jessica again and then I went to stand in line to get good seats. I also got a ticket for Sunita that didn’t have one yet. The lines were long. About 500-700 meters long and luckily Jessica cought up on me so I did not have to wait too long by myself. Paola showed up as we closed in on the entrance, but still no sign of Sunita.

I decided to wait outside and I waited for almost an hour for her to show up. She showed up last minute and the guards closed the gates just behind our heels.

Unfortunately now the only problem was that my cell was completely depleated of battery.

The stadium was FULL. Maybe 10-15000 people had shown up. As the warm-up band got on stage the lights went out and made it no easier to find my cousins.  Sunita and I decided to sit down somewhere and after the warm-up band the lights went on again. Luckily Paola was on the search for us and I spotted her as she was searching for us. I was really happy to be united with them again. I was also very glad I had 2 hooded sweaters on. It was cold (around +18C) at the stadium and crispy wind.

Suddenly music starts and the crowd went wild. Screaming, and yelling RICO, RICO, RICO for Ricky (RICO means really good looking). As Ricky entered the stage to a spectacular light show with great music – well I have never witnessed a crazier crowd.

The full show was fantastic. Great music. Great RICO and a great crowd. As they all sang with him on the most well-known songs. Fantastic. The crowd was alive. Man, what a great experience.

This is by far, one of the best concert experiences I have ever had!

El Cuartel de la Boca
After the concert ended Sunita and I decided to go to “El cuartel” to meet up with some other couchsurfers. Paola drove us there and mondays are womens night. Free entrance and a live band. The band that played tonight was a great band with reaggae music and great dance music. We soon found Cyril dancing with a couple of friends all in front of the stage where we stayed dancing a while as well before we went searching for other CS friends of Sunita that had said they were going to be there.

We found Miami Marco with a friend, Jonathan, and we settled with them. They were a lot of fun and really great company. We danced and talked until they closed and then we went to “El Pueblo” that was mostly closed. Some of the bars were open but not many. There we decided to go to San Pedro and stop at TicoBurguesas to get something to eat. When they closed at 4am we were bound to end the night and got cabs home. Thanks folks for a great night out.


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