Just hanging around.

cloudy.gifNot nice weather today. I am missing my Guanacaste. +22C and no sight of blue sky at all. Brrr. It actually poored down at several occations. This is why I prefer Guanacaste.

I woke up around 10:45 by a phone call and found that was a reasonable time to get out of bed. I had my shower and then I headed downtown. I went to Cafe Digital Internet cafe to do the entries in my blog. I felt the urge to be updated because it is so much to update and do during a day that if I dont I will forget so much. I pretty much spent most of the day doing that. At 5 I met Sunita and we walked from downtown to Rohrmoser to Oscars place to make some brunchinner (breakfast/lunch for me. Dinner for Sunita) before she had to go to job #2.
From there I went to aunt Daisy where I had Dinner a little later. As we were eating viewing the news and info about the Ricky Marting concert that was actully given the credits as the best pop-concert that had ever arrived Costa Rica.

I could also read in the papers that 6 people died in a Car accident yesterday. That means 76 until now this year. Compared to Norway where 242 people died in traffic accidents during the whole year of 2006.
After dinner I went home to Franciscos house and his girlfriend, Hazel, with the kid, Sebastian, and a friend of his + Frans mom, aunt Aracelly, was there. They were having a small party with nice food but I was in no shape of eating more tonight. hehe. Got to bed around 10:30pm


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