Family day

partlycloudy.gifToday weather was nice again. A little warmer than yesterday. Around +25C and few clouds. No winds nor rain.

I woke up with a bad headache. Most surely from not sleeping too much lately. Doing a lot does not help either. I managed to sleep in and got a ride from Francisco and William to Heredia to go visit Lorena. Lorena is my other sister.

I have Roxana and Federico in Liberia and Lorena in San Jose area. Fran left me at a stretch where I could walk directly to her house. Though I did not do that in search of an internet cafe and the knowledge that she was not going to be at home before in another 30 minutes. Suddenly she called me, she had gotten home way earlier and then she came and picked me up. We had lunch and a great talk before she took me to Heredia downtown where I could get the bus to San Jose before the dark set in. The bus drive took me more than one hour due to the rush hour. Boring !!

From there I went to Telefericos offices and bought the tickets to go to Braulio Carrillo tomorrow. Weee. Then I took a cab up to my aunt Flor and cousin Jessica and we had dinner and talked for several hours before they left me in Guadalupe and I took a cab home. The cab driver was very nice and we had a good conversation before I got home, went in and got to bed. Very tired. I need to relax a bit soon. hehe.. NO TIME for that.


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