Meeting friends, shopping and late night party

partlycloudy.gifToday we have had about +27C in the capital. The night temperatures are down to +15C in San Jose. ME NO LIKE. Sunny but with some clouds.

I woke up around 9 today. I slept almost 12 hours. WONDERFUL. I was still tired though but probably from oversleeping. hehe. I got up and had breakfast with Francisco, took a shower (warm water this time) and headed out. The first thing I did was to pop in at Tia Daisys office to hand over the Norway gifts I had for them. I stayed there chatting for a while and then headed to the bus stop to take the bus downtown. From downtown I realized I was running late and took a cab to Multiplaza Escazu to meet Ivannia for lunch. And I found out that they have Cinnabon at Multiplaza: Yummy. But my body was in no mood for sugar today so I did with just one !

Ivannia and I shopped a bit before having lunch and we found a lot of cool stuff at Zara, Qiuque and Mango (not European MNG), We updated eachother of what had happened in our lives and after lunch I headed from Multiplaza to Moravia to check out If I could find any other cool stuff to take home. Not much I had not already seen so I went downtown and headed for Internet cafe again where I stayed for a couple of hours.

Heading home Francisco was asleep so I started packing my suitcase. When I was done I woke him up and we went for dinner at a place in San Francisco called La Fiesta Mexicana. GREAT FOOD and great entertainment. A sister and a brother was singing tradicional rancheras (ranch songs). It was really cool. We stayed for several hours before moving to the next bar. Actually we left the car at Frans house and went to the nextdoor bar – MAR Karaoke – where we stayed till 4 am. It was a great party with a lot of fun and I dont know what happened but suddenly I had like 3-4 guys hanging around me. Unfortunately cousin Fran was playing bodyguard and did not let me misbehave.

Salud dirá mañana si hay fiestas en Liberia.


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