Civic Parties start in Liberia

sunny.gifFinally. Some heat to warm up my body after all the lousy San Jose weather. We are up to +32C again. NICE.

I woke up at 10 am and had breakfast with Fran. I felt a little hungover from yesterday, but that quickly faded as I had my breakfast and lots of water. I got my shower and got ready for travelling to Liberia. The day has come where I will not see my friends for a while. Who knows for how long I will have to wait before coming back to San Jose again.
Fran dropped me off at the Pulmitan de Liberia bus station where I had tickets for the direct bus at noon. I spent most of the bus ride asleep. Luckily the bus was far from full and I had two seats for myself. WEEEEE.

When I got home at 4 I had to go to the new house. We no longer live in the old house and I was impressed to see everything in there. I actually kinda like the new house a lot. I am also happy I was here for the change because it has been a bit sad to leave the old house. Hehe. All my childhood houses are now out of the families. Though the changes to the new house to make it livable are great. So much has been done just in two weeks and It looks great. I have a bigger room as well.

I had lunch and unpacked my stuff before going to the fiestas with Angelica and Mauricio, one of Angelicas friends. We also met Elisa (another of Angelica and Maurys friends) and had a great time there. I got home early. Too many parties, travels and meeting people lately (I cant believe Im even saying this.. I never thought the phrase “too much” implied to anything that has to do with travels :D)

Calorcito Fiestas encienden la pampa,


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