Playa Ocotal with Angelica

sunny.gifToday was another one of those gorgeous days with sun from blue sky and a mild breeze. +33C and waves breaking towards the beach. How much better can you actually feel?

I got up around 8:30 and called Angelica to go to the beach. Then I packed and got ready to head over to hers. I stopped by at Cibermania to check for an adress online and then headed towards my friend Jenniffers (from Canada 1993) host parents. I dropped in quickly to give them a couple of pictures from Canada and send them the best regards from Jen. From there I headed to Angelicas house and we went to fill the car with gas and get fruits and something to drink at the beach.
As we drove towards the beach we listened to Reggaeton music and had a really nice time.

We got there about mid-day and it was really hot.

The sand is all black and it was almost painfull to walk in the sand even with the sandals on. Though, why worry about minor problems when you can jump into the +28C degrees hot water to cool off?
We had lunch and talked to some people from Grecia that sat next to us and they gave us fresh sugarcanes to chew on from their farm. That was tasty. We also walked along the beach as they looked after our stuff, went for swims and I had a picture session as well with the cliffs and the water crashing against the rocks. I found some strange creatures in the water pots as well. In spanish they are called babosa de mar. I think they might be some kind of a sea snail or something but it had antennas and looked strange.

We also spent the afternoon swimming, looking for shells and burying eachother in the sand. It was a great afternoon. As we headed home we stopped at Playas del Coco to have an icecream and walked around there to relax a bit more before going home. On our way back we stopped at Rozys house and I fixed her computer. We agreed on going together to another beach on Wednesday. Fantastic. As I got home it was already 9 and I watched some TV with Mami before I went to sleep.


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