Another wonderful day :)

sunny.gifAnother wonderful day with +33C and sun from blue sky. No wind what so ever.

I woke up around 9 and got a phone call from Norway today. That was great. Thanks John for calling me.
I had breakfast and as I prepared my breakfast I realized we have workers in our garden. One of them is really handsome ! Wondering if I am staying home today? NAHHH.

Ana called for me to come over to hers to try on the clothes so that she can finish her work and I got over there and 2 pants were too small and 2 too big. Some adjustments has to be done then. No p. hehe.. We also had a great chat and we went downtown together.
I stopped by internet to finish up the blog for the last 3 days. I have been good though and I think I have remembered to put most of what I have experienced in my diary.
I have also noticed I do have some faithful readers out there because every now and then when I have not had time to write too much I get worried e-mails whether I am still alive or lost in the jungle. Thanks for caring guys and I hope you are enjoying my public letters :)

As I have also told you before that Liberia is now in Civic parties season and that means a lot of parties all over….
The civic parties are a 10 day long party with Bull fights, concerts, artisan markets and lots and lots of cultural happenings. along with dances and discos at night. This happens every year in the end of Febuary in Liberia.

I went to Marta and Renees house to use the swimming pool and that was great in the hot weather. I think that was the better ways I could have spent the day. I had lunch with Marta and Rene and I left when the sun was going down.

 On my way downtown Diego called me to meet up for Dinner. He wanted to see me just in case it could be the last time. Diego is sweet. I am so glad to have him as my friend !
I went home to change clothes and I went downtown to the park to meet him at Tinajas. We had dinner and talked for hours. When they closed at las Tinajas he drove me home.
I also had a nice chat with Mami before I went to bed.


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