Playa Nacazcol and Concert in the Park

sunny.gifWere back to sunny world again. +33C and that wonderful dry weather. No clouds. I love this place. God I wish I could stay here forever.

After my long trip yesterday I was exhausted and I slept in. I did not wake up until 10am. Havent slept that long in months. I soon headed downtown and stopped by Salon Allan to say hi to Ana. It was amazingly hot today and I realized I was not too happy about walking around too much. At least Ana and Allan had aircondition hehe.
I also had a stop at the local internet cafe in front of the park Cibermania to check on e-mails and I was very happy when Irene from Rex Cargo had written me. I had not been able to locate her because she was out of the country this week. Great. I need to send my stuff but at least I will contact her on friday so that we can plan how to do with the stuff I am sending. That relieves a lot of worries.

I headed home and got ready for the beach. I packed bikini, towel and cookies and headed for Angelicas house. We picked up Rocio and filled the car with gas, picked up fruit and drinks before we headed towards the 4 seasons resort where we parked our car.

Since we are not allowed to enter the 4 seasons resort in our own cars unless we are guests at the resort they have a shuttle service that you can take to go to the beaches of the area. This is also because the beaches is located too long away to be in a walking distance from the parking lot and the hotel area.
As we arrived to the beautiful beach area we had to walk down a wooden path and we heard howler monkeys on our way towards the clearing.
The beach was great with white sand and clear water over the white sand. Since it is wednesday it is hardly any people at all. Mostly tourists. We had to try out the water pretty soon and it is so delicious. A couple located close to us had found two dead fishes in the water that they threw away. A good thing with this beach is that 4 seasons has a lot of garbage bins placed all over and it is actually kept clean. Many Ticos (and tourists) are great pollutioners and leaves their garbage wherever they can seem to want to leave it. This beach is wonderfully clean and I like it a lot.

buried.jpgTo truly enjoy the day we tanned, swam and got buried in the warm sand to leave all worries behind. I cant have been much worried because I quickly fell asleep and when I woke up it was time to head out in the water to get cleaned up and welcome happiness and joy into our lifes :) Life is GOOD !
With the sunset we left the beach to go home but we got some great photos of the 4 season area first. It is wonderful but so expensive. It is about a 100$ just to dine there. This Four Seasons hotel is the only one located in central america though and it is a great place for the locals to work since they pay well.

Concert in the Park
We got back to Liberia just before 6:30 and we were all in a hurry to meet up in the park again since we all wanted to see the concert with Voces ancestrales and Gaviota.
Voces ancestrals means ancient voices and it is a University drama group that focuses on making plays to show the ancient cultures of the local area. Guanacaste used to have a many indians tribes and the drama group showed us a great performance with the history of our ancestors interpreted with the eyes of the youth. It was a great show and they had great music to accompany it.
After Voces ancestrales we went to Las Tinajas with Angelicas mom, Auxiliadora, and a couple of other friends of A (Ivannia and Alicia). Service was a little slow today since it was packed with people and we missed the first part of the Gaviota (costa rican group) concert. Though, missed it is maybe an exageration since we could see the scene from the restaurant since Tinajas is located just in front of the park where the concert was held. I also ran into Karina Alejandra and her mom and some of their friends. It was great to see them again. The concert was great and the park was packed with people.

I got home around 10 because I suddenly remembered I did not have a key to the new house and mami was going to bed early to go to San Jose.

She and Papi are going to pick up their new passports so they can go to Guatemala on the 6th. Auch. I had to wake them up.

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