Relax and packing

sunny.gifBeautiful sunny weather again. Hehehe. Only +32C. Oh my oh my. Wonderful climate. I like it. I think I must come and live in Liberia at one point of my life.

I woke up at 7am and I was alone in the house. Oh well. Maybe not alone. Mami, Papi and Federico wasn’t there but the 5 workers in the garden were all there. They hammered, fixed and worked on the new room mami and papi wants. I felt like a zombie and decided to get back to bed to continue my sleeping. Next time I woke up I felt better and I peeled papaya and cantaloup melon for breakfast. I also made fresco (fresh made juice from fruitjuice, water and sugar) for the workers and made sure they had enough to drink as they had to be working outside in the sun and I was sweating inside.
I spent the day packing and arranging what to send to Norway in boxes, what to have in the suitcases and what to leave. I also went a couple of hours downtown to update my web pages, e-mail friends and chat before I went home to make cookies and dinner to mami and papi got back home.

tope.jpgMami and papi was back at 4:30 and we had dinner at 5 before heading down to the park to watch – El tope de los ninos – the kids horseparade. Jorge, Roxana and Natasha picked us up and 3 of Jorges kids was in the parade on their own horses.

After the parade we went to the park in front of the post office and stayed there to wait for the kids to arrive having a few drinks while waiting. It was so much dust in the air that when I tried taking pictures with a flash it looked like it was snowing or raining because the flash reflected in the dust.
We were all tired, Mami from the long trip, Federico was sick and I did not feel too good either but we hung in there and Jorge and Roxana took us home around 10. Natasha borrowed my camera and took a lot of pictures of everyone and I even got some good shots of Roxana, Jorge and baby Luis Andres.


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