Bad luck and self pity day

sunny.gifThis morning as I looked out we had a marvelous sunshine, +33C and a mild.breeze. Some smaller clouds covering the mountains in the east but apart from that LOVELY ! Nothing like Liberia !

The day started off quite good. I tried calling Irene at Rex Cargo several times but no lifesign and cell phone was not on. I got through to San Jose office where they told me Irene was not gonna come in till late night and I got her cell phone number and left a message.
I washed all my clothes and shoes before I took off to Cibermania to check on e-mails and stayed there for a while. As I was finishing up and heading towards the park I got distracted by one of the taxis trying to get mye attention and I fell straight into the street. Haha. That must have been quite a vision for the people that saw it. It didnt hurt much at first but I got some good scratches. ouf. I headed down to Ana and Allans nail/hairdresser place and she helped me clean up the wounds. I was even bleeding from several places on the knee and my toes. Well. Those things happen sometimes. Just glad it was nothing worse than that.

I had planned to go get my ancle tatto fixed (since every color tattoo has to be redone at least once before it is perfect) but after the fall I really was in no mood to do anything like that. I stopped at Las Tinajas for a while before I went home. Of course I had the great and overpowering luck of nobody being home and I had no keys. No one answared the phone either and then I decided I was in no mood of going back to the city to find my family and I decided to contact Dona Teresa that lives next door. She is actually the one that sold us our house. She let me in and I watched the Telenovela with her and her kids (Well, not kids exactly – they were both way older than me) until Papi got home and I could go home. Papi was a bit disturbed that I got in from the inside and not from the outside but relaxed as I told him I had stayed with Dona Teresa while waiting for him.

I went to my room and I was kind of tired and upset. Too many things has happened these last weeks, or may I say months. It has been wonderful but I do notice that I get tired and there are so many amazing impressions and I seriously dont wanna go home. I miss this place already. Its gonna be strange to be all by myself again and not live with a family and be companied all the time. I was also kinda shook up by the fall I had earlier today.
As mami and the others got home they wondered why I had not come down to meet them and see the biggest horse parade of the civic parties but when I explained what had happened she understood very well.

I got a couple of fare well gifts. Some smaller stuff she had sent me with Dona Consuelo when she was in Norway last year. She did not find the stuff in her suitcase back then and finally they had all found it and I got it. I did get to bed early today after having a calming chat with Mami.


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