Fiestas en Liberia !!! Cool !!!

sunny.gifBeautiful sunny weather and +32C. Fantastic blue sky and no clouds. Mild breeze. Even I am getting jealous of these weather reports. Especially since I am just gonna have this kind of weather for another 3 days.

This morning I woke up and I felt angry. Irene from Rex Cargo was still not able to be located and I feel the urge to send my stuff. Oh well. I guess I will have to continue calling here until I woke up this morning stressed and angry and hitting the repeat button on the phone trying to call Rex Cargo to be able to find out when I can send my stuff off to Norway. I dont have many days left before I leave and I need to get this out of the world.

Federico and Yehudy wanted to go to the beach and they wanted me to go but I could not leave Liberia without having at least talked to Irene so I decided to stay home.
I got through to Irene and she promised to stop by to make an inventory list of my luggage. I spent a couple of hours packing and organizing everything that was going into handluggage/suitcase luggage/cargo luggage. With all flight regulations that one cannot have liquids in the hand luggage, not send food in the cargo etc. and planning all heavy stuff that can go in suitcases and what can go in hand luggage. I spent a couple of hours on that. hehe..

Irene didnt show up so I went downtown and as I was about to arrive to Cibermania Irene called and said she had tried calling me several times and knowing how ICE cell phone system works it never entered my phone. Well. At least I got a hold of her and Im sending her the inventory list instead of her coming over to mine.
That way she can check it tonight and we made an appointment for 8am on monday at the airport offices they have.

As I finished up at Cibermania I went to Ana and we went for lunch. They closed down the shop and we went to the italian restaurant in front of Jauja restuarant to have some pasta food. We both had pasta with salmon and sauce. It was delicious. During these months I am really glad to have earned her friendship. After lunch we walked up towards the park before splitting but we made plans on going to las fiestas around 6pm.

I went home to continue on my packing and make the list of what I had inside the boxes.
At 5:30 I went to Cibermania and sent the list to Irene at Rex Cargo so that she can start the paperwork for my luggage. That will be wonderful to get off my mind.

At 6pm I met Ana and we went down to the Fiestas Civicas area. We walked around looking at the artisan products for a while before going to the bullfights areas. And that was insanely cool. A lot of stupid drunk dudes. Maybe as many as 150 dudes were inside the ring when they let the bull out and they started running around like ants hehe.. It was cool. I was a bit frightening too.
There were some of the encounters that looked BAD. One dude got thrown up in the air several times and stamped on. ouf hehe… But they are all volunteers and I guess they have been used to this stuff since they were small kids. There are also some dudes that are professional that holds the red bullfighting carpets to attract the attention of the bull in case some of the local heroes has too close encounters with the bull and are in any kind of danger.

selegna2.jpgFrom the bullfighting we headed up towards downtown and we passed on Bar Selegna. They have a fantastic ranch built outside the bar with possibility to tie up the horses and party on from the horses back. That looked awesome !

We watched a lunar eclipse as we walked towards the park and restaurant las Tinajas where we found Mami, Papi, Yehudy and My brother Federico with some dudes from San Jose. We stopped and had a drink with them before Ana left to meet a couple of friends that were gonna stay over at her place. As they were installed she got back and we continued our nightlife. There was a concert in the park with the group Santa Esperanza. It was a great concert and I got their CD as well. The evening was rounded up by a huge amount of fireworks.

I got home around 11pm and talked with Mami before I went to bed tired but content. She told me about a couple of rumors about the barbequed meet that is sold on every corner. GOOD thing I never tasted all that. Because they had found 50 dog corpses and tested positve on dog meet in some of the grills. Gross.


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