Playa Hermosa – last day at the beach

sunny.gifIncredible sunny weather. +33C and no clouds. I can live with this !

Today I woke up at 7:30. It was wonderful to be able to sleep in and relax. I packed up some of my last stuff and have to realize the airport visit might be expensive. The suitcases weighs more than they are supposed to. Hehe. Well I have been here 3 months though. Cant expect anything else !

I had breakfast with Mami and then headed out for the beautiful sunny weather that we have. I stopped by at the local internet cafe and as I opened up an IE explorer window and starts logging into MSN Messenger the startup page of I suddenly saw my name on the front page under the text of winners of the month !! Imagine that. The next last day I am here I win 15 free hours of internet use ! Luckily I can come back in 4 years and use them when I am back !!
This day turns out to be good !!!

As I was writing in my blog Ana called me and wanted to know if I was going to the swimmingpool as I had planned today. And I was as soon as I was done online. But Ana had other plans and gave me 15 minutes to get to her house so that I could go with her and her friends to the beach. Man this day gets better and better ! I finished up soon and on my way to Anas house I ran into a lot of people on horses getting ready for the noon parade. I even ran into Dona Consuelo and one of her friends and they had music orchestra, marimba instruments, clowns and lots of activities going on in Liberia downtown. It was almost more interesting to stay but a beach is a beach and Anas friends are really nice and good people so I went with them :)

condovac.jpgLiseth and Ana waited at her house, Marcos came and picked us up and then we went for Jason. During the trip I found out that lifes coincidences are very cool. Liseth is Freddys best friends sister. Freddy is one of the Ticos married in Oslo. She also knows Jason that lives at Tveita. I told her to definately come visit us in Oslo sometimes and then we can hang out.
We went to Playas del Coco and had a great lunch. I had a Palmito Salad and Papaya en leche and the others had Fish thats the places specialty. We also had patacones con frijoles molidos.

condopiscina.jpgAs we arrived Playa Hermosa we entered the Condovac la costa resort to park our car. Condovac is a great hotel with small condos in the hillside fronting the beach. We had to register and get small bracelets before entering the area. It is a gorgeous place wit lots of great swimmingpools, restaurant and a bar at the swimmingpool area. We got some water and icecream before descending to the beach.

When we got down to the beach we were welcomed by the hotel employers with nice smiles and helpful manners as they directed us to where we could stay and what kind of water sports we could use while at the area. We went over to a place in the shadow. Hehe. Ticos and Latinos dont generally like to expose their bodies too much to the sun. Its ok as long as I get to stay in the sun. I went straight for the water and the lifty samba tones coming from the speakers made it all great. I was soon approached by 2 local dudes that wanted my attention and started chatting. Both were approaching a bit too much and I tried keeping at least a minimum of a distance but soon the youngest of them found fresher meet to check up on. The other disappeared when Marcos and Jason came out for a swim and joined me.

hermosa.jpgJason and Liseth, Marcos and I soon decided to go kayaking and we hired 2 kayaks and left poor Ana to look after the stuff. Kayaking was great. We were not coordinated at all so we went in every direction we were not supposed to go in. hehe.

We managed to stear the kayak after a while and got out to the marina where all the yachts were. Then we hooked up the 2 kayaks together and Jason dived into the water before we went to a nearby beach and looked for shells and had a swim before we started our way back. We had only hired the kayaks for 1 hour and we arrived missing 2 minutes to the hours and that with none of us wearing a watch.
Ana had missed us a lot. She wanted to go for a swim so we went into the water and had some great laughs at a group of boys that were trying to make formations climbing on top of eachother. Some of the guys were bad boys and instead of climbing ontop of the shoulders to their mates they dragged their shorts down. That was the good laughs we had. And that they kept on falling down before done. hehe.

We had to leave around 4:45 because Liseth had a bus tiquet to San Jose with el Pulmitan at 6pm and It took us a while to drive back. She did get the bus and had time to shower off the salt water and pack her stuff as well. After we had left Ana at her place and Liseth at the bus station Marcos, Jason and I decided to go to Las fiestas. I just got home to get a short shower before we went down there. Marcos and Jason picked me up and as we were heading out Federico and Yehudy came home and I just got to say good bye to Yehudy that is gonna leave to San Jose tomorrow at 4am.

We cirkled around the Fiesta area for some time and listened to the rap concert by Tapon, a local group from San Jose. Not exactly something to yell out of exitement for. Really bad is the clue.

We also entered a couple of the party tents and had a couple of beers and danced a bit. I even danced with Jasons dad and got some new friends at the bar. I also ran into a couple of Federicos best friends; Veronica and Diana out with their friends. We ended up at the Bulls Ring watching the young guys and the drunks running around in the Bulls Ring to avoid the Bulls. The entrance was 2000 Colones (about 4$). At any time outside the arena there was 5-6 ambulances just in case any of the bulls hurt any of the dudes in the ring. Sponsors were giving out a lot of stuff for free to the Bullfighters like red t-shirts, coca cola glass coolers etc.
A couple of dudes were taken away in an ambulance because they were hurt. Hope nothing bads up. The guys took me home around midnight and I fell asleep immediately.

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