Last day in Liberia – Getting all things fixed before departure

sunny.gifBeautiful sunny weather. Blue sky and a few clouds over the mountains in the east. Some wind but still around +32C.

With the last day in Liberia arriving I got up at 6am to be at the airport at 7am to meet up with Irene to do the papers on my cargo. Papi drove me to the airport and we had a really nice conversation. Papi and Mami are going to San Jose later today to go to Guatemala tomorrow.

I arrived early for the meeting I had with Irene and I called her for our appointment. She came down, checked my boxes and went off to do paperwork. She said: wait for me for ONE hour. So I sat down and waited, reading my book and one hour passed, an hour and a half and with two hours I called her. Ill be right down was her answar. Right down TICO time !!. haha.. Not at all. Altogether I had to wait for 3 hours before she was done and I got to pay for the cargo, and fight a bit with the duane that did not want to declare my goods. So Irenes workbuddy took me back to Liberia and since the cargo wasnt declared I had to bring it back at 5:30 tomorrow. That is insanely early, and I wasnt allowed to leave it with them.

While I waited at the airport I sat with my back to a group of 3 men. One of the airport personell that cleans were washing the floor and accidentally wet one of the mens bag with all his belongings in it. As he took it out for drying it he put his working card at the chair and I saw it and it said Apu. Since Apu is Papis surname I asked the man if he was family with my family and It turns out I just got to know cousin William. We exchanged e-mails and had a nice talk before he had to enter the airport area.
Finally at home Papi lets me in and I prepared for taking off again.

I had to go and burn some of the pictures from my cameras memory sticks onto a CD or a DVD or something. So I went down to Cibermania to do it there and it took ages to download the pictures and David and Juan Gabriel helped me to download and burn the pictures. Mami and Papi called me every now and then to check when I was coming home but I had to wait till process was over.

Before I went home I had to stop and pick up a duvet for my bed in Norway and I got home way too late for lunch. Sad that I missed that but today is way too busy to dwell with that. I stayed home for an hour and packed and chatted with Natasha that got home early from school because she was sick. Mami asked me if I could stay and look after her but I still had a lot of arrands to run and people to meet.

I went out again when Mami and Papi headed for the Pulmitan to take the Bus to San Jose. They are going to leave from San Jose and not from Liberia like myself.
I stopped by Anas place to see if she ws gonna come to the good bye party at Las Tinajas later on tonight before I met Diego and we went to the tattoo parlor to see if they had any free time to redo my tattoo. D showed me the tattos I never knew he had as well. Tattoo Charlie was not free and we went to get a new job phone for Diego before he had to go back to Filadelfia.

At 6pm I was at las Tinajas and I sat down to wait for my friends to show up. Manuel and Victor showed up pretty soon and we had a lot of fun. Angelica and Ana was next before Karina, Katherine and Papi Corrales. It was a great night and I enjoyed the company of my friends a lot. We told jokes and laughed and had good drinks. I had to go home when Tinajas closed at 10pm so that I could get up early. Federico and my uncle let me in. Mamis brother sleeps over while they are in Guatemala to make sure the house is safe.

Federico told me to wake him up in the morning to take me to the airport and then my last day in Costa Rica was over.

During the day the sad news that one of the Bullfighters that got hurt yesterday died shortly after. This is the newspaper article on that sad story:

Johnny Mendez, Corresponsal

Las fiestas civicas de Liberia se vieron empanadas por la muerte de un torero improvisado.
LIBERIA.- La alegria que experimentaban los miles de liberianos en la celebracion de las fiestas civicas de la comunidad se vio opacada por la tragica muerte de un torero improvisado que participaba en las corridas.
La victima fue identificada como Henry Brenes Mendez, de 31 anos, quien resulto con traumas graves despues de ser prensado por el toro contra la barrera del redondel.

El lamentable incidente ocurrio a las 5.30 p.m. y 45 minutos despues perdio la batalla con la muerte cuando fallecio en la sala de emergencias del Hospital Enrique Baltodano, en Liberia. La plaza de Liberia es la mas grande del pais, lo que hace que los toros una vez iniciada su carrera agarren velocidad y no les den oportunidad a los atrevidos toreros de ponerse a salvo. El redondel se encontraba a reventar porque para nadie es un secreto la pasión que despiertan las corridas entre los guanacastecos.

Las fiestas civicas de Liberia se vieron empanadas por la muerte de un torero improvisado.


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