Back home after 3 months in Costa Rica

rain.gif+3C and rain. What can I say, but WHY DID I EVER THINK OF LEAVING COSTA RICA?

The airplane crew woke us up for breakfast and getting ready to descend over Gardermoen airport. We got a so so breakfast and still dead tired I wasnt so keen on waking up at all. But It was great to actually come to an end of this long trip.
As we were descending over Oslo captain announces the heavy rainy weather and 3 degrees. Not good. I was in the rear end of the plane and got out almost at the end, went through the passport control at Gardermoen and went for my luggage. It was all there ! Fantastic ! Then I went out to the welcome hall where my sister Ingrid waited for me and I was so glad to see her again. It has been 3 months and it is a long time. She drove me home but since my plane was 7 hours late in to Oslo she had no possibilities of staying with me after we got home.

My welcome comittee waited for me and it was so great to see my babies again. They are just the cutest cats in the world. Saffi was most happy to see me I think. hehe. He has always been the one that shows most affection also.
I had a lot of phone calls on my cell from people wanting to welcome me and offering me jobs. I had let 3-4 temp bureaus in the city know I was going to get in and free on the market. I called mom, dad and grandma to have a chat with them and let them know I just arrived safely. I also called a couple of my friends and I am actually quite happy to see them all.

After the first calls I went out for a walk to get some food and pick up a package that had arrived for me at Furuset Mall. I got home and continued chatting for a while before going to bed at 11pm. I was very tired after the very long trip.


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