Online again and my first jobinterview

snow_6.gif+4C today and it snows wet wet snow. This is NOT fun at all

I woke up at 9 by the phone ringing infernally. The Broadband installation man was about to arrive and that was a good thing so that I could start to check out all that I need online and check e-mails and keep in contact with people about interviews.
While the installation man is there my phone rings again and it is about an interview I was supposed to be at at 10. I seriously thought it was at Noon but the lady said it didnt matter and that we could make it at noon instead. The installation dude finished up and left and I got ready for my interview.

It was an interview filled with self confidence and we had a long chat about what I would like to work with and what I had done and all that before I went to my old job to say hello to my old collegues. I spent a long time conversating with Linda witch was great !

I also stopped by the others to talk with them and it is really nice to see them all again. Linda and I went to Pascal for a treat and a coffe. They have the worlds best chocolate mousse cake there ! It is always good to go to Pascal You know what you get.

After Astrup Fearnleys I took the metro back to my part of the city and visited my friends Jorunn and Tor. Had to bring personal thanks for taking care of my cats for so long !
It has been a great day to see my friends again. The weather has not been good at all but at least I have had an interesting day.

My mom called me and wanted to know if she could come for a visit during the weekend. Thats going to be good to see her again as well.
I got early to bed tonight. Still tired as few.

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