Interview and visiting old collegues

rain.gifToday we had Fog, Rain and Snow. -3C and wind. I miss Costa Rica.

I woke up late. It was so good to sleep in today. Not that I should complain. I have slept about 10-11 hours both last night and tonight. I got ready for another interview. Today at another of the temp bureaus at 1pm at Vikar1. It was quite good. I used to work for Sonja and Barbro at Vikar1 the first year of my carreer.

I stopped by Astrup Fearnleys again, visited the Tank department for an hour to hear how they had been the last 3 months and then the IT department to see if I could meet some of the ones that was not in yesterday. Linda and I had a sigarette break to talk serious business – like always – and after that I stopped by Jorunn Ellen to see her. I am so glad to finally meet them all again. Weather is too cold though and ME NO LIKE.

I got home pretty early and went through my e-mails, replied to a lot of mails that had come in already and chatted with my friends in Costa Rica and Norway a bit before going to bed.


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