Family day and friends visit

partlycloudy.gif+6C and cold out. It was a great day to be inside !

When I woke up today I asked my mom if she wanted me to make breakfast, but she did not feel to good and wanted to skip food.
We watched a movie from Monteverde rainforest in Costa Rica instead and had some tea. I wasnt much hungry either so we skipped breakfast and lunch, but we had a couple of really good conversations.

My friend Frank dropped by around 5pm and my sister came at 6pm with my plants. Finally got my plants back !!! My banana plant did not look to good on some of the branches but the others are in perfect conditions. I need my jungle !

I made dinner for my guests and we all enjoyed the pasta dish with meat. My sister had to leave around 9 and my mom went with her to stay with her for the night. Frank left around 11 and then I went to bed with Saffi (the cat) jumping all over the bed and playing.


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