Busy day – running around for jobinterviews

rain.gif+6C and clouded / rainy. Windy a bit as well. No nice day.

I got up, made breakfast and cleaned the floor. Lillegutt, my white cat, had peed on the floor last night. He has had an ongoing problem with that for years and I dont like it a bit. Especially concerning that he did not pee on the floor when he stayed 3 months at Jorunn S.s Place. It is really uncomfortable. I know he is protesting against something. If I only knew WHAT he was protesting against ! It would be so much more easy to help him and correct the situation. But he has done it all the time I have lived in this house.

Then I got ready to go out to go for a job interview. I had 2 interviews planned for today. One at 1pm and the next at 3pm. Busy day.
I took the 33 bus to Sinsen where I changed to metro the last 2 stations to get to Nydalen. I had a great interview where I felt very confident and good.
After the interview I took the Metro to Majorstua where I hiked to the next interview that also seemed promising. One interview was at Ergo where I am being considered to be a production leader for the Servicedesk there. The other is for a recruiting bureau that considered me for several posistions.

After the interview that finished early I stopped by Astrup Fearnley again and joined Linda as she was going home from work. I grabbed the metro to Jorunn Ss Place and we watched TV and chatted until I went home to sleep.


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