Hectic days in Norway

partlycloudy.gifToday has been a strange day. Sunny at last but cold. OK. Not that cold. But I have not even been home a week from the tropics. I am allowed to think that 10C is cold.

I have noticed a lot of things with myself this week though. I dont know why this happens. In CR I had no nickel allergy, nor did I react on the shampoo. I was ok in my stomach and I did not have that much trouble. With just one week I have had stomach problems every day and my scalp is ruined. I have dandruff and soars. I have gotten a cold all over again and with just 3 days here I noticed clisters every place I had some jewels with nickel. I have honestly not reacted on nickel in CR. My skin either does not like the cold, the water in my house or the food we have here.

This last week after I got home has been hectic. I have visited friends, had family over to visit me and I have stopped by my old office at Astrup Fearnley several times to say hello to all my ex collegues. I have also been at several job interviews and been out for drinks.

It does feel good to sleep in my own bed again. Wonderful. If I ever move to Costa Rica I will have to bring that one !

I also noticed Ive been a long time in central america now. hehe. Today on my way to an interview I had to take a cab because the signal system on the metro had errors and the metro was running about 15-20 minutes late. I had to take a cab and I was so annoyed with the cab driver because he did not take unnecessary risk in traffic (It is the first car drive I had since CR. Well. I have had a ride with my sister home from the airport though. OK so it is the second ride Ive had in Norway). Not good. Hihihihi.

After the interview I realized that the metro system was still pretty delayed and I decided to take the metro only 2 stops to Sinsen so that I could catch the 33 bus back to my place. I had to wait for ages and it was cold and when I finally got home I started to cough bad and I was freezing. I made myself food and then JorunnS and I went for a walk and we had a nice chat in the cold weather. It was a great clear sky and sun got down around 7pm. I spent the evening watching TV and chatting.


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