Errand at the airport and then relaxing

sunny.gifToday was another nice day. Great temperatures around +10C although everything feels cold due to the temperature difference from central america.

I woke up around 9am and got ready to the duties of the day. The cat peed on the floor last night again. I am actually pretty sick of it. It has been every night after I came home.
A friend of mine, Kari, came and picked me up at 10am and we went to Gardermoen together to pick up my stuff that I sent to myself from Costa Rica. We reached Road Feeders locals and I payed the fee for picking up my stuff. Then I had to go to the Customs and declare the stuff before I could pick it up. Great thing I did not have to pay anything to declare my stuff.

Kari and I stopped at Elkjop and checked out laptops for her. We found a couple of interesting objects before Kari had to go to work. She left me at home and I unpacked my boxes before sleeping a bit. I am seriously tired these days. I guess jet-lag is still hanging in there.

I have spent the afternoon Marathoning LOST episodes and ONE TREE HILL episodes to catch up along with updating my webpage.

I read online today though, that Liberia has +34C. I am soooo Jealous.
I actually feel pretty sad about that. I just so much wanna be back in Liberia where youre just happy beeing and feeling and enjoying. I really miss CR. Not only my friends and family but also the climate and my city. I love Liberia. I love Guanacaste.

Already from the first day, the first time I ever was in Costa Rica I enjoyed who I am, what I feel like when I am there. From the first moment CR makes me feel like I am in love. With life itself…

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