Busy with interviews – Lillegutt moves out

rain.gifWe had a good +15C as a max temperature today and rain in the air. Well. Still been a nice day though !.

I had to get up early today since I had an interview planned for 10 this morning.
Whitey the cat (Lillegutt) had peed on the floor again. I am so tired of it. I just get sad from it now. I know that there is no future for him at my place. He obviously does not like to stay here.

On my way to Aker Kvaerner I got a phone call from Rett bemanning Oslo vest about an interview at Syscom for tuesday next week. I was quite interested in that interview and that made me very happy to know they wanted a chat with me. Therefor I was also very happy as I arrived Aker Kvaerner.
I think that made a difference. I liked the interviewers and I liked what the job sounded like as well. And I think I made a pretty good impression there.
As soon as I was done with the interview I went over to Wilh. Wilhelmsen to have lunch with John. Quite nice locals. As I was heading towards the city I got a phone call from Tomato that they also wanted an interview with me on wednesday.

Wee. I feel kinda popular.
On my way home I called Jorunn S and told her that if she was interested she could come and pick up whitey so that she can have him. I think the fact that he did not pee on the floor for 3 months at hers and pees constantly at my floor says a lot. I just hope he stays clean there.

Jorunn and Margaret came over to pick him up around 7pm and although it is sad to see my baby gone I still have Saffi running around and now he can have a lot more attention too. I feel this has to be done. It is a way better solution than killing the animal.
It was sad to go to bed.


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