Decision making and CouchSurf party

partlycloudy.gif We had an average of +6C today and it was partly cloudy with wind. Not so warm and nice ! But still good. There was sun after all :)

I have 2 job offers now and I have been to another interview today at Syscom. I did not feel that could be a job of interest for me so I am deciding between the two offers I had. I was quite nervous for the interview today and it was pretty late during the day. At 3pm. I lasted about an hour and I walked down from Majorstua to Oslo Downtown and sat down at Cafe Soer. I was supposed to meet Ruth and Wilber there to take them to the couchsurfing meeting tonight.

Was supposed to meet Wilber and Ruth at Cafe Soer and go together to this Oslo Couchsurf party but they did not show up. I think W might have forgotten to tell Ruth about it ! and to show up as well. hehe.

I was thinking a lot though. About which job might be better for me. The Aker or the Ergo job. I must admit I am not that keen on much more Servicedesk jobs ever in my life but then again. I am not 100% sure about what I am actually going to do. But from what I remember I think it sounds way better. Just have to be sure about making the right decicion though.

Oslo CS party !!
At 6pm I showed up at Asylet cafe at Groenland in Oslo. Only Richard and Knut Ole was there yet but we were soon accompanied by others. We had a lot of fun and at a point I was alone with 8 guys. That did not last for long though since a lot of girls showed up pretty soon. Even my good old friend John showed up. Soon we were a great group of more than 25 people. I even met some people I had met before like Kris, Mortens collegue from Opera. I got a lot of new aquaintances as well and I had a lot of fun. Im definately going to the next Oslo Couchsurf party / meeting. At one time I started getting too much beer and decided to go home. John decided to take off at the same time and I took off home and he went home to Hilde.
Im kinda proud I got to matchmake them !! :)


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