I’ve made my decicion !

partlycloudy.gifWe had a maximum temperature of +6C degrees today. It was cold wind and not nice to be out. We had a lot of sun though so it looked nice from inside :)

This morning I was woken up by a phone call that told me that Syscom did not think I had enough experience for that kinda work and I can totally agree on that. I found out yesterday just from the interview that I did not have the right profile for what they are searching. I actually felt relieved.
At that point I made a couple of phone calls. First to ElanIT. I have decided to go for the job at Aker Kvaerner Business Partner. I told them that I would love to sign a contract with AKBP. We agreed on a meeting around 2:30pm this afternoon to sign the contract.
Then I called Upsource to get them to cancel the interview at Tomato today. And I called Vikar1 to tell them I have decided not to start working at Ergo Group.

After having arranged all that I got out of bed and got ready for heading downtown to sign the contract. I feel so relived now. I have made my decicion ! It feels Great !
After contract signing I went to Jorunn Ss house to tell the great news. And to say hi to my white cat. I miss him though. We played a bit and I know he is good with Jorunn and Tor. After that Jorunn and I went for a walk before I went home. I watched more episodes of Men in Trees before going to bed.


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