Ornella comes to see me

sunny.gifToday was beautiful. Around +6C and no clouds on the sky. Wonderful day. Windy but not that much.

Lunch at Astrup Fearnleys
I woke up really relieved and decided that I would stop by Astrup Fearnley to visit my old collegues for lunch before starting my new job. I met up with Linda and we went to the lunch room to get some food. Jorunn O joined in after a while and then Halvard, Magnus and Eirik. Even the old boss KEL showed up wondering if I miss them a lot. After 5 years sure I miss my daily contact with them. I just dont miss the duties and the chores I had. I am so sick and tired of the same routines and the total lack of possibilities to go further and to move on. It is so easy to stagnate if you dont get any development.

So I told my boss that I was just celebrating my last day in freedom – hehe. He looked like he thought I was getting married or going to jail or something. But I told him I got a new job in Aker Kvaerner. Of course he would think I got a job at Helpdesk so he looked really long faced when I told him I will never work in a Help desk again in my life. That I am done with Help desk (unless I am going to lead a team) for the rest of my life. And that if I wanted to work at a help desk I wouldnt have quit at AF.

I think he never even considered the possibility for me actually wanting to develop my knowledge and get new challenges. I think he just concluded to what he liked thinking at and assumed I quit my job at AF because I did not get as long a vacation as I wanted. I would never have done that if I liked the job and the challenges it brought me. NEVER.

I would have been happy with a 3 weeks vacation if I would have gotten it. Maybe even a 2 weeks vacation if I would have liked my job. But this was a very correct timing to change job and to seek challenges and development in my life. Also to get out of a very negative environment (considering that 7 people out of 13 has quit in ONE year the ambient is not GREAT)

Dinner with Ornella and memory night
Ornella is one of my best friends. She is married to Asbjoern and she is Mexican. She came for dinner tonight and we had a great time.

We made dinner (as normal – no recepy) and chatted to catch up for these 3 months since last time we met. We watched the Monteverde DVD I brought from Costa Rica and then we watched pictures and listened to music. We both sat left with the feeling of sadness for beeing far away from our beloved central america. Although different parts of central america. She has not been home to Mexico for 2,5 years and all my memories are all fresh.
I miss my CR so much. Just wish I would be able to be there on a more permanent basis…


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