Relaxing and enjoying my last days before I start working

snow_6.gif+2C and snowing. It cleared up a bit during the day but it was cold – way to cold – and I did not like it at all.

The big happenings of the day has been that I managed to connect my broadband phone and bought a blender. I am so happy. My broadband phone is through Telio.

Since it has only been a very short time since Saffi (grey cat) has been alone I took him out walking today. OK. He did not have to walk. But I brought him to Jorunn Ss house where Whitey and Kosefine lives so he could spend the day playing with them. Or at least not be alone ! Jorunn, Tor and Margaret is on a 2 day trip to Copenhague and I am looking after the cats while they are off. I think Saffe liked to not be alone but he definately did NOT like bus ride. He howls. But he also has to get trained for travels. Now that I only have 1 cat I can actually bring him when going for visits to my parents. Cool. Way cool. Spent the night catching up on my Men in trees show.

I also chatted with a couple of the Couchsurfers that I got to know last tuesday. Zalle asked me to take in a french couple for one or two nights that he and his gf has hosted for 4 days now. So they will come tomorrow. That will be cool. It is kind of sad to stay all by myself again after having spent 3 months in total company of all the family in Costa Rica. Im looking fwd. to hosting the french at least for a couple of nights.


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